Here at Rejuvenating Touch Day Spa, I know that every client has different needs. While some come to me for relief, others need a place to be pampered for a moment. That’s why I offer a wide range of services that are customized for your unique needs.


If you suffer from sore muscles or maybe even a pinched nerve, my gentle therapeutic massages can help. As a licensed therapeutic massage therapist, I know how to expertly combine a soothing touch with a specially formulated blend of essential oils. My specialized technique can relax your muscles in a way that promotes self-healing. This massage is designed to increase circulation throughout the muscles and allow the soreness and stiffness to feel as though it has melted away. Let my soothing touch aromatic essential oils treat you to an experience to rejuvenate your muscles and relax your mind.

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A prenatal massage is a fantastic way to help alleviate common issues that expecting mothers experience. My custom prenatal massage targets pains such as backaches, stiff neck, and leg cramps. It has also been known to bring relief to headaches and reduce swelling. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a relaxing massage that can make pregnancy even more enjoyable.


If you suffer from chronic pain or limited mobility, I highly recommend a deep tissue massage. This type of massage is specially formulated to help relieve pain and help alleviate issues such as lower back pain, repetitive motion injuries, Osteoarthritis pain, and Sciatica pain to name a few.

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My reflexology treatments are an excellent way to ease the tension in your body. This specially designed treatment gently uses pressure points to promote self-healing. By activating your body’s natural reaction to this treatment, it creates better functioning within your organs and helps muscles release tension.


I offer full-service body treatments that help you look your absolute best. My gentle body glow will help revive your skin and let your inner beauty shine through. If the harsh summers have taken their toll on your body, I recommend my hydrating treatment for restoring your skin’s moisture and creating a youthful appearance. For the ultimate experience, indulge in my seaweed treatment. This treatment helps hydrate you, restores your skin’s natural glow, improves elasticity and can even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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As a licensed aesthetician with ten years’ experience, I know exactly how to help you look your best. My tailor-made blend of essential oils has been known to reduce the signs of aging and restore your skin. I also offer a deep pore cleanse and treat your face to detox from environmental pollution.


Waxing will leave you with smooth, even feeling skin, and the re-growth of the hair is much slower. It removes hair from its roots and is allergy free. Say goodbye to the cuts, bruises, and irritation of shaving and leave feeling great with your stubble-free skin.

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